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eLation V2 Pictures

Hi All

The launch of V2 has been excellent, even without pictures. However, naturally, more people want to see what they are going to buy.

So we have placed some pictures of the prototype on the website until we have "good" pictures.

We are pretty happy with it and hope to have met a lot of the requests we received.

Well how did we go ??????


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Re: eLation V2 Pictures

It looks good! Are the prices on your site in AUD or USD? I presume the former (at present rates 1.00 AUD = 0.928138 USD).

Do you have a US distributorship? Or is it all direct order from your website?


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Re: eLation V2 Pictures

It looks like a most excellent product. I am thinking seriously about getting one. How would us Yanks go about that?

The web page looks good given that it is still under construction. I like the lighthearted prose style.

- You misspelled "tyre". :-)

- And while were talking about cultural differences: I have never seen "Add to trolley" before. I like it!

- You mention a "single control location", but I don't see the control pictured or described anywhere. What sort of control is it and where is it mounted?

- The "6 kg" weight is mentioned throughout, but in one place you mention that this is motor and battery dependent (as it surely must be). It would be helpful to list the weight of each component or the combined weights of the various combinations. For example, what's the weight of the kit with 500W motor and LiFePO4 batteries?

- I know you're waiting for better photos, but it is not clear to me how the crank works. From reading the FAQ I understand that it does what I would hope. A shot looking straight down on the pedal/crank assembly would be helpful.

- The webpage looks squished up against the right-side of the page. This is because there is space reserved for the left margin that is very underused. I think the page would look better if you put most of the left-margin stuff on a separate page and put a link at the top such as "order" or "buy now" or "kits" and then get rid of the left margin.

- You mention the kit is weatherproof, but the photos show the charging port open to the weather. Is there a cover for this or is it not a worry?

- I really like the pages that describe ebikes and batteries and whatnot. What I couldn't find was the specs for the battery packs you are selling.

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Re: eLation V2 Pictures

Hi Guys

Do not have a US distributor but I am looking or interested in any recommendations.

In the mean time will be taking orders direct, prices are AUD.

Thanks for comments on web Dave. I started with a basic shop front package and have not had time to tailor it yet, but all your point are valid, thanks.

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Re: eLation V2 Pictures

Dave, the crank is just like the one on my blog bike the Blast as far as function. He has gotten a better custom designed crank and ring gear set up. So the outside gear connects to the motor via chain with a freewheel incorporated. The motor can run independent of the pedals if desired or pedal with no drag from the motor which is also equipped with freewheel. You can now customize your motor drive ratio and pedal drive ratios to suit your needs. Great improvement.

He has also vastly improved the motor mounting set up and you now have options of mounting inside the diamond or down low outside, again like on my bike.

I'm looking forward to getting the upgrade myself.

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