Sourcing and Pricing of parts for emax scooter

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Sourcing and Pricing of parts for emax scooter

hi all,

just over a month ago, a mate of mine crashed my emax into a wooden bench and did considerable damage. Ever since ive been trying to get parts and pricing to fix it. Here in Australia, i tried to get a quote for the repair, however the repair shop couldnt get a price list from the Australian distributor, which was surprising, since you can still buy the emax brand new here. (i know because i bought another one 3 weeks ago). The company i had do the quote could'nt complete it beyond telling me how much the labor would be, and a list of parts that need replacing.

I was hoping someone might know where i would be able to get hold of the follwing parts, and approx how much it would cost:

Lower steering beams
lower steering beams race
steering columns
pair of front forks
front panel upper
front panel lower
front mud guard
right hand mirror
right hand front indicator
front park light
right hand side upper panel

any help with the above would be much appreciated.

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Re: Sourcing and Pricing of parts for emax scooter

You can try this distributor in the United States: E-Moto

or the manufacturer in China: Topmotorx


Broomfield, CO

Broomfield, CO

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