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Zap Xebra motor

I got a Xebra this past month to advertise for my bike shop since it will stick out like a sore thumb more than an electric bike would. I commute about 10-12 miles round trip a day. The Xebra is fine in this regard, however on any type of an incline along the way its speed drops almost in half, from 35 down to about 20. It has a 5KW motor paired to an alltrax controller, to go along with the 72volt system. If I am correct an 8.5 inch long controller is the upgraded 450amp for this car. I asked on the Xebra forum if anyone had changed the motor to a larger one, say 10hp, but was told "There is really nothing wrong with Xebra motor. It is proving durable, and when run with sufficient voltage is very peppy." To me this motor is not matched right to the amount of weight that it has to propel. Does anyone think that this might be away to increase the performance of a car that seems to have been rushed into production. :?

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Re: Zap Xebra motor

Hey, I saw your question on the Xebra_EV list earlier today. I don't own a Xebra but have been on the Xebra_EV list for a long time. Those people are the experts and I'd trust what they say. If you look back a week or two someone described having ??replaced the field coils?? and then taken their Xebra to a drag race.

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Re: Zap Xebra motor

That controller is perfectly matched to an Etek-RT, you know. ;)

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