EV Global Bike: "Pedal assist requested"

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EV Global Bike: "Pedal assist requested"

Hey, folks. I've got a 36V EV Global bike, brand new battery. Frequently when I'm going up hills, about 3/4 of the way up, it does its three beep "pedal assist requested" thing. Of course, I'm pedaling the whole way - I guess just not quite hard enough. Usually by that point in the hill, it's getting all the assist I've got to give.

Those of you who've been riding similar bikes for awhile - how big a deal is this? What's going on with the system when it requests a pedal assist, and what could happen if you ignore it? Given that it can be a little demanding, how you handle your system to minimize the pedal assist requests while maximizing the assist you get out of the bike?


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Re: EV Global Bike: "Pedal assist requested"

the heinzmann has a heat sensor so its a matter of the temp inside the hub. (these are the thin guage wires coming out of it, not the main power wires.) 3 stage warning: pedal assist, overheat, system refusal. ie, if you don't slow down or give it more assist it will keep on at you, and once it gets to a certain temp give you a 3 sec overheat warning before shutting down, then controller will shut everything down and you will - if still on that upside of that hill - have to sit and watch the scenery etc to wait for it to cool.

i minimized the beeping 100% by putting in a crystalyte controller and using a watts up to keep the motor within the limits, otherwise you are in the dark with how many watts are going through the hub and for how long.

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