LiOn, Curtis 1203A and regenerative braking

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LiOn, Curtis 1203A and regenerative braking

Hi this is my first post, but I'm not complete n00b, so I'll jump directly to the useful stuff.

I'd like to modify my BladeZ (I think it is the best scooter frame ever made) with LiOn batteries and a Curtis 1203A PCM controller. The current configuration runs at 24v and I plan to step it up a notch to the 36v.
The controller has regenerative function and from what I read LiONs don't like regenerative very much - esp if you are going down on a on a steep hill, which can generate significant amperage. Basically they don't like to be trickle charged or overcharged. Do I need a protection circuit?

Also what makes a 24v motor a "24"? The size of the copper winding? Can I rewind the motor to make from let's say 12v to 36?

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Re: LiOn, Curtis 1203A and regenerative braking

I doubt I can fully answer your questions but I'll do what I can. The 36 volt motor will make more heat, so it will be a bit bigger and heavier to better stand the heat, and radiate it away. Most motors can take 12 volts more than made for, but mabye not if you are too much of a hot rod, or climb huge hills. The reasoning goes, try it, and if it doesn't work, you were going to buy a bigger motor anyway. A lot of controllers can take 12 more volts too, but not all. Once you get a good sised lithium battery, you will care a lot less about regen, except it is a nice for braking. You will be able to fit twice the amp hours of lifepo4 into the same sise space at half the weight. Your range will double, or more. Get the biggest lithium battery you can.

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