Ride to Work day, July 16

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Ride to Work day, July 16

While writing a blog entry (Open Road: Fuel savings entices some to try motorcycles) about fuel efficient motorcycles I came across a reference to an organization, Ride To Work, which encourages motorcycles as commuter vehicles because of the fuel savings ...

They have a Ride To Work day in a couple days, July 16: http://www.ridetowork.org/current-events

This might be an avenue for EV awareness because, well, EV's use even less "fuel" than a gas bike... ;-)

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Re: Ride to Work day, July 16

Ride to work day ! or if your me ride to work every day ,,day. I love the idea of having a day just for motorcycles be it gas or Electric or anyother means.
I'll let me friends know about this too. who ever has a bike should do it :)
on a side note, I just ordered a new ZEV from ElectricMotorSports.com . I got it at a great deal seeing as it had no charger, and the Li-ion batts had to be replaced with SLA's(normal ones.) Only info I got before buying it was, it is a mountain Chen that is very much the same as the ETV Z-20 and has a top speed of 45mph. :)

Any way back on topic.
next we need RIDE YOUR EV TO WORK DAY !

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