Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

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Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

It's been suggested we make a forum for the XB-600. Clearly there's a lot of discussion of this scooter (?bicycle?) and the XB-700li is coming along soon .. Also clearly there are some similar scooter/bicycle's from other makers.

I'm interested in some input: Are these scooters? Are these bicycles? Are they neither one? In my mind is the label 'ScooterBike' ...

These are smaller than what I think of as "Large Scooter and Motorcycle" but I also think of them as larger than 'Bicycle'. So it seems to me they don't fit into either pidgeon-hole.

But on the other hand XM calls these 'Bicycles' so maybe they are bicycles even though they look like scooters .. after all they are delivered with pedals even if most of you take them off.

Oh... Moped is probably the correct name for the pidgeon-hole.

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

I think of them as scooter-mopeds. I don't know anyone that actually uses (or even installs) the pedals, so the bicycle category is a stretch.

I like the idea of a "home" for the 600. It seems like the 500, 600, 700 watt bike threads get posted in both the large and the small forums with very few ending up in the bicycles category. They ARE hard to follow and find.

And I LOVE reading everyone's ideas and modification experiences. While I have no plans to mod mine, it is fun to follow what others are doing. I have learned so much hanging out here :)

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

Hi David

Electrically Assisted Bicycle (EAB) is what its defined at the California DMV but I like ScooterBike. Sounds about right. Isn't moped sometimes defined as "pedal start" kind of vehicle. The XB clearly isnt.


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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

Since there is already a "Small scooters and Pocket Bikes" section and a "Large scooters and motorcycles" section, how about a "Mid-size scooters and mopeds" section. You could also add a sub-section for "XB-500/600/700" if that seems useful.

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

XB-300Li/490/350/500/508/600/700Li are "Electric Bikes". Please let's not blur it's description or naming like they do in Florida.

Electric Bikes.

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

In Nebraska the XB-600 and 700Li would be considered a "Moped" with the pedals installed because it goes less than 30 mph. However, our laws are unclear when it comes to electric powered bikes. I like the XB-500/600/700Li idea. As long as I can find all this valuable information in one place, that would be great!


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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

Funny, I was just thinking about this today. It seems that the XB-600 has become a popular "device" as of late and I was wondering why there was no separate area for it on the forum. Based on the pictures of the body I'd lean towards the 'moped' category. 'Mid-size scooter' would work as well. Although, I caution that I reserve the right to change my mind when it actually arrives at my doorstep.

I guess if we really want to be democratic about it... we could just find out what its listed as in each state (or at least each state represented by a poster) and use the most common one.

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

The XB-600 is roughly the same size as my Lectra, and a bit larger than my eMax. Of course, it is lighter weight, mostly due to lower battery and motor weight, but also due to a lighter, more efficient, frame design.

I understand the "legal definition" argument. But the pedals are there purely to satisfy a legal requirement - these bikes cannot be ridden by pedalling them.

These bikes fit in the eBike world in the same place that 50cc and mopeds fit in the motorbike world. From a technical discussion viewpoint, they have much more in common with motorcycles than they do with bicycles.

My vote is to leave them in the Motorcycle and Large Scooter area.

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

bocabikeguy wrote

My vote is to leave them in the Motorcycle and Large Scooter area.

(After reading the thread discussion, had to throw in my two cents)
I agree with bocabikeguy, and after all, if you make a separate section for just XB (or XM?) type of scooter or bike um, then everyeone else will probably want their own little section of their own type of scooter or bike.
-Then again, maybe this is another way of making things more organized and easier to find??? hrmmm :?

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Re: Where do the ilk of the XB-600's belong?

Well, while going through the postings I found there had been quite a few postings on EVT-4000/168 (more than I thought) as well as custom builds.. and decided to move those as well.

And.. um.. the XB-nnn sure doesn't look like a bicycle and it seems most people don't treat them as bicycles ... but the intent of the maker is to treat them as bicycles ... so that's where they landed. It's not just the XB-nnn as there are other makers who also make scooter-like-vehicles with pedals and try to foist them as bicycles. The fact that so many of the XB-nnn (and Liberty bike) postings were in the motorcycle section says something about the confusion ...

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