Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Cheap.

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Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Cheap.

An inspiring look at what makes our country run.

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Re: Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Cheap.

As they drilled into my head during the 17 yrs I lived in Kentucky: Coal, Kentucky's Ace in the Hole

- David Herron, The Long Tail Pipe,,, What is Reiki
- Electrified Electra To

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Re: Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Cheap.

I live in Morgantown WV. We are a coal mining town that's changed to a college town. My parents house has a mine under it. WV, the coal state. Mountain top removal baby, yeah.

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Re: Coal: Cheap. Abundant. Cheap.

We got it, its just a bit inconvenient to plow an entire state flat to get it. I'm getting stoked on algea based biofuel. Yesterdays paper announced a company wanting to put in a thousand acre production facility in my town. It's really just another form of solar, and boy do we have that in NM. It solves the problem of storing solar energy, but not the problem of emissions, but hey, its a start.

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