Stealth 1000 brake pad adjustment

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Stealth 1000 brake pad adjustment

I'm having issues tweaking the Stealth's brakes. I read the booklet that accompanies it, but no matter what I do one side (or corner of one side, as is the case) seems to rub the disc.

I've realized it's because the pads are slightly tilted and not parallel planes to the surface of the disc. Has anyone else had this problem? right now i've just got them kinda loose & they barely rub, but I'd like a bit better braking, esp since I plan to give it a bit more power in the future...

Last seen: 15 years 7 months ago
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Re: Stealth 1000 brake pad adjustment

Yea! I had the same problem and worked for weeks with the two allen wrenches. You can move the entire assembly left of right using the chrome thumb screw. If its too tight the inside pads rub regardless and if its too loose, the whole assembly moves. I put mine on a block so the rear wheel ran freely and adjusted it for almost an hour (I'm disabled and on oxygen and have to take frequent breaks); but, I got it. Good luck, you can fix it, but it takes a lot of working.

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