Controller question - Anode/negative connector

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Controller question - Anode/negative connector

I'm fixing up an X-360 scooter for the kids. I have a new (old stock) 36v controller X360-220-UPGRADE for the scooter. Wiring was all messed up, so I have to re-wire. Controller has 7 connectors coming out of it plus black & red power leads. Connectors are labeled: motor, throttle, key, brake, brake indicator, charger, & anode negative. The 2 wire connector coming out of the controller that's labeled "Anode/negative" is what I'm confused about. I have no clue what this gets connected to or what it's function is? Can I just leave it alone/unconnected and still have the controller function correctly? If I must connect it, what gets hooked up there? I just want basic functions for now - no fancy accessories. I may use the "brake indicator" connector to hook up the horn/taillight/headlight/turn signals after I get the scooter operational. Also, if I put a disable/off switch inline to completely kill the power to the scooter/controller while the bike is stored, how many amps should the switch be rated for? THANKS for any help you can offer!

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Re: Controller question - Anode/negative connector

On my scooter (I just got it today) the anode negative has 2 wires leading to it. Everything but my motor is working, but when I disconnect the anode/negative plug, nothing works, not even the lights on the console. here's a picture of how mine's wired. I couldnt tell you how much your switch would have to be for. Maube there's a wiring diagram for the scooter out there somewhere. Good luck!! Wires.jpg

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