Short Circuit

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Short Circuit

I have an ego electric scooter...

Well my charger fried and I used a mobility scooter charger from here:

It seems to be doing the trick-however when I connected the batteries up I had the Positive to Negative hooked up with the rear and Front batteries and as I was attaching the leads I accidently touched the Positive Lead wires to each other causing a spark for a second. I have the Power Cheq hooked up the way you told me too and it was disconnected when I did this, checked the Power Cheq Fuses which are fine, and hooked up the Charger. The Charger is doing the trick and is charging the system but the Powercheq is indicating a red light and no green-under the PowerCheq instructions it says that means

1) There may be an
connection between
the battery terminal
and the wire, or there
may be a tear in the
wire. 1) Check the connection between
the battery terminal and the
wire to confirm that they are
solidly connected and there
aren’t any tears in the wires.
Also check that your wiring
configuration between the
PowerCheq and the batteries
matches the diagram included
in the installation diagram in
the Installation section of this

2) UVLO (Under
Voltage Lockout) or
OVLO (Over Voltage
Lockout) has
2) Check voltage on both sides of
the PowerCheq for a failed
battery. Once the battery
returns to a safe voltage, the red LED will disappear

Did I fry one of the batteries by causing this closed loop between the batteries for a brief second???


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Re: Short Circuit

No way you screwed up a battery. I've done way worse (dropped tools on terminals, touched wires that welded themselves together and only broke the circuit when they melted, etc.).

Did you try resetting the Power Cheq? The UVLO was probably tripped, since the voltage going to it would have been very low when the short occurred. It might stay that way until it's turned off or something. Thing is, it should have returned to normal almost immediately after.

Maybe the charger is putting out too high a voltage or something and tripping the OVLO...?

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