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Looking for new scooter

I currently have an HCF Pacelite 707 that I've had for 7 years. But it's wearing out and I need more power but don't want to spend more than $600. I've heard complaints about the izip i1000 when it's badged as a Schwinn Stealth. Any comments? Does anyone have any info or suggestions about the x-treme 600?

Any comments on ordering from Thesuperkids? I called to get info on the izip and they seemed a bit disinterested. Thanks

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Re: Looking for new scooter

I think I've got more experience with the Stealth 1000, or IZIP, than most. They are good scooters. The direct drive is the weakest link, but I've got over 400miles on mine before I had a problem. It wouldn't have done that if it was stock. I'd bet at least 2000miles before it failed if you were good to it. The Stealth is plenty powerful stock for most people. My girlfriend is running at 36v 30amp, and has no problems getting around. Mine is running 48v 100amp, so it'll get around faster, but it's less reliable. As many miles as I've put on it with that setup, I think is a testament to it's reliability. I don't know much else out side of the Schwinn s350 which is great if you don't weigh much, and the s180, which is okay if you really don't weigh anything. It's not about the best one to buy, it's about the best platform to build on. The Stealth has full suspension and a nice motor stock. The direct drive is the only problem. I hope they come out with a better system for the 2009 models.

I bent my wheel, broke my trans, and blew my motor. Now I cry a lot.

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Re: Looking for new scooter

Go to ebay and do a search for Lashout Scooter.

They are no longer made but one of the best around. I got one from the seller on ebay and upgraded to larger motor (PowerPack) and added 3rd battery to run at 36v. Still under $600 invested. I weigh 180lb and can do 25mph.

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Re: Looking for new scooter

I bought a Lashout from the e-bay online store last October. It is much better quality overall than any Currie scooter. Lashouts were made in Taiwan, I believe. But 24V and that little 400W motor don't make it very fast or quick. I have been using mine daily and it's still all stock (I've replaced the batteries and totally rewired for parallel charging with one 12V car charger). My top speed is just barely fast enough to keep up with my German Shepherd when he's in a comfortable "gallop". Not really suitable if you wanted to go more than a couple miles from home, unless you have all the time in the world.

I'd avoid anything by Currie that has a gear drive until they (or someone in the aftermarket - haha) add freewheeling and oil seals so you can fill the box with gear oil.

I've purchased parts from the Super Kids and had no problem. They tend to be a bit on the high side cost-wise. Here's a C&P from their website:

"August 1, 2008 - Currie Technologies has discontinued the production of the Schwinn S1000, and rolled out a newer 1000w Full Supension Scooter.
The Ezip E1000 is Currie Tech's BRAND NEW 2008 1000w Full Suspension Scooter. Its features are IDENTICAL to the Schwinn S1000. The only difference is the NAME, and COLOR of the scooter."

And they appear cheaper based on TheSuperKids prices.

There seem to be a bunch of people on here that have XB600's. I don't own one, but from what I've read on here, they are good scooters for the money. There are also members on this board that are dealers and worth your first consideration.

Have you thought about rebuilding your Pacelite?


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Re: Looking for new scooter

Hi: i just purchased a Schwinn 750 electric scooter for my daughter! does anyone have one of these3, or know anything about them? She had a 500 scooter, that kept throwing chain off, and sprockets would not align. Please get back with me on here new scooter, and let me know if dealing with super kids . com is a good idea. thanks, JIM


Seems with free shipping, and the price was right compared to pep boys, etc.

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