7KW hub motor for E-Car

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7KW hub motor for E-Car

I just wanna to tell everyone here a good news that 7kw brushless hub motor with digital controller has come out already!!!

The engineer is searching and producting hub motor and controller for a long time.During the last 5 years,he supplied 1500W and 2500W brushless hub motor and controller for two electric scooter factories,which are mainly producting and selling big power e-scooters for overseas.Meanwhile,he is doing his best to make the motor more powerful.In 2007,his dream became true and now the 7kw motor and the controller for e-car is mature and can be put into bulk producting.

But it's pity that he can't speak English and can't tell the world such exciting news.As his friend,it's my pleasure to tell you who are always focus on this business.The main data is as follow:
Voltage Range: DC48V--72V
Voltage:DC 60V
Speed:600 Rpm/min
Torque:120A 380N.M

Welcome everyone to express your views!!

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Re: 7KW hub motor for E-Car

I would recommend seriously considering a casting of the motor case that incorporates a 5-spoke "spider" such as this:


This would allow you to produce one motor that could be specified for several different wheel rim diameters. The attachment would be 5 bolts without any "trueing" (regardless of rim diameter), instead of many spokes being assembled with the required trueing.

As I'm sure you know, the front pedal bracket/axle of a bicycle commonly has three gear-rings attached to an axle/spider. This allows bicycle owners to change any gear ring (if desired) without removing or changing the axle/spider.

Regardless of whether you sell this product for a high-powered scooter, or a small EV car, I believe you will be very successful. I wish you good luck!

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Re: 7KW hub motor for E-Car

Where can I find out more information about the availability of this motor?


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Re: 7KW hub motor for E-Car

Here´s a couple of questions I sent them:

"Q: Does the controller have electronic differential for use with 2 motors?
What is the price for the motors and controller?

A: One controller control one motor.
The price of sample motor and controller is $10000/set"

Seems to me they really don´t know what they are doing, no differential and a very high sample price...

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Re: 7KW hub motor for E-Car

Wait a few more months. Doug at EV tech just ordered in Car hub motors and the prices and quality should be good. This stuff will be readily available by this time next year. I want to put a pair of hub motors on an old Fiat 850 Spider. 7KW to 10KW and some large cell LIFEPO4 batteries, about 72-84 volts. It should fly up the hills.

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Re: 7KW hub motor for E-Car

Great work,

congratulations for a good in-wheel motor. We are working with similar goals, I wish you success.
One of the key in-wheel motor characteristics is low weight. High torque, power and energy efficiency can be achieved with higher weight. In Elaphe company we have focused on R&D for high speficic torque DD motors. Check www.in-wheel.com for more info.

Best regards, GOrazd

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