Heinzmann 24v hub in need of service/repair

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Heinzmann 24v hub in need of service/repair

My brush motor started making a whirring sound after I ran it pretty hot this morning up a steep hill, so I am guessing the brushes are needing replacement, does anyone know where to get these motors serviced? Or does it sound like some other problem? It was quite sudden one moment it was running fine just the normal whine, then something gave way in there and an unwelcome new noise joined the party. I am going to try LEVT for starters.

Its a 24v rated heinzmann brush hub motor on one of the evg e-bikes. Haven't got the $ for a new motor so figure I got to get it repaired which I read on some of the threads does not have to be that big a deal.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can point me in the right direction or shed more light on my lamentable situation. the motor still runs but I don't think I want to use it and make things worse.


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Re: Heinzmann 24v hub in need of service/repair

Replacing brushes is usually pretty easy, the hard part is finding brushes. I used to work at a motor repair shop and even though we had like the biggest brush inventory around, a lot of times we had to modify brushes when we could not find the replacement ones.

1) First thing to check is all the connections, that means the brush connections too, bad connections are almost always the problem.

2) If the motor has a lot of hours on it the brushes may be worn.

3) If the brushes are not worn, it could be the springs holding tension on them. They can loose their tension, especially if they saw too much heat.

4) If you burned up the commutator, it will need to be turned.

5) Check the bearings too.

A visual inspection is your friend :)


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