Newbie father/son ask: how to measure condition of a battery?

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Newbie father/son ask: how to measure condition of a battery?

My son just purchased a Go-Ped ESR750EX on eBay. It was advertised as "Almost New (ridden 3 times)" but when we charge it (8 hours) the handlebar meters show "Empty" and nothing is noticeable when pushing the throttle.

I'm not yet knowledgeable enough to know what to test on the batteries, to tell whether this is REALLY "almost new".

We've got a "Digital Multimeter" (DCV/DCA/ohms) -- can someone help me with one or more diagnostics we can perform to tell whether this is a lemon? Or, do we need to buy another piece of equipment to do so?

Thanks in advance,
Paul and Gabriel

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Re: Newbie father/son ask: howasure condition of a battery?

I think the GoPed is a 24v system. When the batteries are fully charged they should read 28.8v.
A new battery will remain at 28.8v after the charger is disconnected. As the batteries grow old the top voltage drops.

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Re: Newbie father/son ask: howasure condition of a battery?

While you are at it, check to see if the charger works at all. Many of the cheaper scooter and bike chargers will show power when checked with the voltmeter. A few brands of expensive ones will need to be connected to a battery to show voltage If no volts show on yours, get another on ebay, or charge the batteries separately with a 12 v charger. It can take several tries with the chargers to get a keeper.

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La da tee ta...

It could be "almost new", but if the batteries weren't taken care of (charged up every so often), they can die on their own.

As was previously stated, the hot-off-the-charger voltage should be around 28V. After a couple hours it should settle to about 26V (13V/battery).

Another way to tell is to check how much their voltage drops under load, but you'd have to find something else to load them down since they won't start the Go-Ped. The fully-charged voltage should be pretty telling, anyway.

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