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I just recently purchased an E-bike(Lee Iacocca Model) it's a 24 volt system. i was wondering if I calls for 2 12v8ah batteries. i was wondering if i can use higher ah batteries without causing damage to the motor? Or could i use 4 battery's in 2 parallel to the first 2 to get greater distance and power?


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Yes, you can use larger AH batteries without a problem, but it will take longer to charge of course.
If you change to a different type of batteries, then you will need a new charger for that type of battery.
You CAN connect lead acid batteries of the SAM VOLTAGE in PARALLEL even if they are of different AH, but you should charge them fully first before connecting them together.
You should generally NOT connect batteries of different AH in SERIES as this will over discharge the smaller battery first and could result in reverse charging a battery which is BAD.
If you don't understand the difference between SERIES and PARALLEL, then find out BEFORE attempting any experimentation.

As for danger to the motor, you should monitor the temperature of your motor for a while, to make sure it isn't getting too hot to the touch. If your scooter was designed for 24 volts, then it should be fine, and will go farther, but probably not any faster. To go faster, you need more voltage, but that could burn up your motor and controller, which is expensive to fix.

Always remember, you make these modifications at your own risk. No one on these forums is responsible for your actions.

XB-600 - With 60 volt and shunt mod.

I got a 24v model also and ran it on the stock sla batteries for a while - limited range and power and easy to wipe out the batteries, so consider upgrading the battery chemistry asap. check out the other threads here for overvolting - the motor is ok up to 36v but the old stock electrics questionable at 36v and finding replecemant stock controller v. tough. Still the controller might go anyways if you start using the bike a lot. if you keep the thermal sensor engaged on the motor it should be fine at any ah, internal heat is the killer for these hubs. if you don't mind the low top speed at 24v, stick to 24v - 28v battery, and up the ah as far as you can go is my view.

nimh works, lipo such as:

or lifepo now better of course, safer. some good options.

Thanks for response will let you know how it turns out!


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