Is this for real?

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Is this for real?

Found this device on E-bay.
Does this really improve battery life?








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Re: Is this for real?

I have heard that they work but there are two caveats:

1) It should be made for a battery of similar charge / discharge current ratings to the ones you will be using it on.

2) The commercial ones are often too weak because of FCC regulations. They operate in the MHz area.

DIY ones work better because they address these two issues, but they are more difficult than most DIY projects because they involve high frequencies.

I don't know much about them though, here is a good link:

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Re: Is this for real?

All of my bank chargers have the defulfation feature. I can vouch for it working, keeping my batteries healthy, and restoring some abused batteries. It works slllowly on the abused batteries, on the order of a day per amp-hour.

-DC-DC converter replaced with a Dell D220P-01 power supply.
-72V mod
-Expensive bank charger until I come up with something better... Still trying.

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Re: Is this for real?

Read this link and I think you will get the story about this technology:

Small chargers can do very little to restore a Lead Acid battery from a sulphaneted state and sulphanation is just an inherent problem with this chemistry.

Don Harmon

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