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Noob Needs Knowledge

Hello everyone. I stumbled across your forum while doing research on BionX. I've read a lot on here already but haven't quite gotten my questions answered. Yes, I've searched. Anyways, you guys seem to be pretty knowledgeable on this stuff so if anyone is willing to help, here's what I have:

I am looking at purchasing one of the BionX systems. I was wondering,

*- What you would suggest? I'm thinking maybe one of the 350 systems. It will be used on mostly flat ground with a few hills here and there. I live in FL so we don't have many steep hills. I'm looking mainly for distance. I'll probably be riding 30-40 miles per day. Is the 500w even an option? Meaning, I heard it was good for flats but low torque makes it weak on hills.

*- Also, NiMH vs Li-ion; what do you recommend and why? I know the cost and weight differences but I'm looking for advantages/disadvantages. Any info would be greatly appreciated. If I'm going to spend the money for this system, I want to make sure I get the right one.

*- Will I need to do anything special to the bike because I'm putting it on a Giant TranSend EX. I have disc brakes so I want to make the sure regenerative braking will function. I already know that I will have to swap out my internal gearing for external to make it work. Luckily, my bike is able to have that done.

*- And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I can ride "full-power" if I want to, right? Meaning, I'm lazy one day, don't really feel like exerting any energy, and just want to make a 10 mile round trip without breaking a sweat (in the Florida heat).

*- Lastly, do they make a flat, rear-rack mounted battery If I don't want to mount to the bottle holder? Or is it basically the same battery as the bottle mount but stuffed in a bag that sits on the rear rack?

I think these are all my questions. If you can think of something that I should be asking an am not, please let me know. My car is being sold this weekend and this BionX system + my bike is replacing it. I will be riding year-round. This will be my only source of transportation. I will ride it to school, work, church, out to eat, shopping, etc.

Thank you in advance,

Todd Hardy

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Re: Noob Needs Knowledge

AhhrG! If we were friends, I would've told you to get the bike dialled-in a month ago before selling the car, so I'll type fast.

No matter what you do (which bike, which kit?) after a few months you will probably be able to sell it for what you paid for it. The benefit being that you will not really KNOW what works best for you until you're actually riding daily. But...

That being said, do some research fast and make some important decisions fast. I would look at the kit $400 for a rear or front hubmotor that does 20 MPH on 36V (make SURE to get the Ampedbikes torque arm or you will regret it). After the initial battery pack wears out, you can upgrade to the more expensive and smaller/lighter 48V lithium pack that will provide 24 MPH (without any pedalling)

Ampedbikes kit does not include battery pack or charger.

I would buy a fat-tire 26" bike with a front suspension. For your first bike I would get a hard-tail (no rear suspension) with a sturdy rear cargo rack to mount 3 lead/acid batteries.

When the batteries are wearing out (or you get a good offer, it will happen!), Buy the second bike based on what you've learned. It will probably have rear suspension too, and a front disc brake to help with the higher 24 MPH speeds you will get from the 48V Lithium. Once its dialled-in, sell the first bike.

Another good source of info is the site, they even have good NiCD batts and chargers for 36/48V

If you are happy with user feedback and price/performance of BionX kit, by all means continue, I haven't heard anything bad about them.

I bought the bike I'm going to electrify, but haven't bought the kit yet. This is my plan (for whatever its worth...)

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