XM3000 in Ontario?

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XM3000 in Ontario?

I think the XM-3000 looks fantastic for my needs. I have 2 questions.

1) My commute is 30Kms each way (I guess total 37 miles). Would that be asking too much from such a bike?

2) I live in Ontario, where we are super conservative (read behind the times!). I know for a normal scooter I need an M1 license. I know that allow the EVT brands on the road (except highway). So, does anyone have an XM-3000 here yet? If so, where did you get insurance, if not...well....I'd love to give it a go.


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Re: XM3000 in Ontario?

I think 60 km round trip might be stretching it a bit, unless you can plug it in at work. A 30km ride with a recharge would be fine, as long as you keep your batteries in good shape.. don't drain them a lot, keep them charged & balanced, etc.

We'll have to wait for some other canadians to chime in about the licensing.

good luck with your decision.


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Re: XM3000 in Ontario?

XB3000 would meet almost all the requirements of a limited speed motorcycle except that it does not have a gas engine. Ontario is not a friendly province when it comes to electric vehicles.

Here is the MTO link:


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