NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

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NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

Hi Guys,

Just noticed this on X-Treme's website. No pictures posted as of yet. Enjoy.

X-Treme's 2009 XM-5000Li comes with 21 Lightweight (60 AMP) Lithium Batteries, A 5000 Watt Rear Hub Motor, has a top speed of 60 MPH & can travel up to 90 miles on a single charge at lower cruising speeds. The Lithium batteries weigh far less than silicone gel lead acid batteries and can last 7 to 10 years with up to 2000 charging cycles.
Colors: Black - Blue - Burgundy Red. ETA is December 20, 2008. We will not charge your credit card until the day we ship to you.
The XM-5000Li comes standard with a 2 year battery warranty & 1 year on the rear hub motor at no extra charge.
The XM-5000Li is a DOT certified Motor Vehicle. This is NOT A TOY SCOOTER. It is likely you will need a drivers or motorcycle license to operate this bike. (Some states like Nevada require no MC licence, no insurance & no registration for electric mopeds or mopeds under 50cc)
This scooter comes with an MCO certificate that you take to your local DMV office and exchange for a title (pink slip) & license plate / registration.


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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

I don't suppose it comes with a BMS?

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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

Eveything I have riden from X-treme that is electric powered has not met the specs that x-treme claims, why should this scooter be any different? The 3500 is a joke and only does 55 MPH for 18-20 miles not 63 MPH that is found on the X-Treme web site. Something needs to be done so the consumer knows exactly what he/she is getting. We tested 2 of them from 2 different dealers in two states and had near the same results. I was really going to buy one. I talked to some chick at x-treme and she said that they knew about it and was going to change what was written on the web but that was two months ago and nothing has changed. I question how honest that company is. Has anyone else had problems with that company being dishonest?

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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

They all are dishonest, some more so than others.


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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

Some dealers have edited the "stock" descriptions in an attempt to be more accurate.

Most have eliminated the charger "BMS" description from their specs.

Those that claim to have "personally" tested to 60 mph, or some such ... email and ask them how they accomplished their testing.

If they give good answers, let us know. Also, let us know who to avoid. But, try to be accurate with your descriptions.

I think that "they are all dishonest" is ... overly generalized and not really helpful to us.

Cheers, Gary

Cheers, Gary
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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

The dealers get their information/specs from the distributor.

The distributors get the information from the Chinese manufacturers.

I am slowly finding out how the Chinese like to do business - false stories, lies and deceit. Personally, I've about had it with them. Their lies hurt my business' reputation.

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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

I just read the claims and cut all in half. At least for range anyway. Speed seems to need only to be cut by 25%. This bike could be ok, but without knowing just which cells and bms I was buying I wouldn't touch any lithium battery purchase. If it is full of cheapo round cells forget it. Something that big needs larger prismatic cells, and hopefully, high c rate ones.

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Re: NEW 2009 XM-5000Li

They all are dishonest, some more so than others.


Happy Holidays to you too Philip! ;)

I understand your frustration - however, I don't think I'm dishonest. It is a shame that you feel it necessary to cast such negative aspersions around.

And for those that have nothing but negative views of X-Treme - consider this: They've stuck with full sized electric models (their XM range) and continually upgraded and improved that range over the past few years. They went from a single model the XM-2000 which was improved with the XM-3000, they launched the XM-3500Li (which was the first to market with an affordable lithium solution) and now they have the XM-5000Li. AFAIK, they have some other plans too. Yes, I know you can point to things they've done wrong (and things they continue to not get right). But from my perspective they continue to improve and they offer one of the widest ranges of electric bikes on the market.

So, how about trying to figure out a way to make a positive change rather than grumble that everyone is dishonest?

Anyway for comments on the XM-5000Li - see my posts over here:

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Re: New 2009 ;New LiFePo4 Opportunity

Hi Guys,

New 2009 ,New business Opportunity .Hope we can get a win-win future by our joint effort .For more details of LiFePO4 & BMS .please see


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