The price of our oil addiction

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The price of our oil addiction

The price of our oil addiction

It's a slide-show from a photojournalist who has some very powerful things to say about oil and the side effects that comes from oil production. One statement is he has witnessed that at every step in the way of oil production is negative and destructive, and for him that's why we must end our oil addiction.

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Re: The price of our oil addiction

Amerika consumes lots of oil, but China is the worst of all.

As long we'd not learn how to deal with spendable energy resources
like oil, the problem simply exist until the oil became emptylize.

The price whe pay for our (old fashioned) behaviour. Look at China!
They're upcoming and are in de industrial revolution, but on oil
again. Just an another step from the ground and there whas not
any problem, but the world choosing money as static symbol and not
natural resources like electra.

I recognize your feelings, even I share them with you.

I'm driving 2 years on batteries, but my experience is not
that great because with batteries. For know my scooter is
already 3 month gone and I won't see it back in the upcoming weeks

If that scooter is not repairable then I will buy myself a new
motor for my Sparta Happy out of 1971. Nice moped, but locked up.
Matter of a new cylinder and ride again.
I'll keep the elektric bicycle in my possession and when I must
drive any further I take the moped. It is oil conduming, but be honest
is 1 on 42 a huge consumption?

You got point when you deal off with any misbaviour in traffic!
You got point when you deal off with massindustry

The begin lies in humankind himself and if one goes the other
will follow, but as long nobody set that feet from the ground
nobody will follow.

If that question whas that easy the problem should solved.

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