My first electric vehicle modification

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My first electric vehicle modification

Hi everyone,

I've got a quick question that I was hoping that somebody could help me out with.

Next month I want to begin converting a motorcycle to electric. I bought a frame for 200 bucks, and I am pretty sure that it's this guy right here: a Yamaha XJR 400.

Since it's my first electric vehicle, I am not expecting miracles. I don't care if it has a 10 mile range and a 35mph top speed. For that, I am thinking of using this conversion kit:

There are two problems. One problem is that I am a big guy (320 lbs. Hey, I like to lift weights, what can I say?) another problem is that I don't want to drop my life savings into this. That kit looks reasonably priced and since I've been saving up for it, it will be within purchasing range next month.

I've been doing as much reading as I can, and I still can't find anything resembling a weight limit on the Etek-R motors. They say that the Etek-RT is wound for torque and would be more appropriate for a guy my size, but like I said, I am not expecting 100mph out of this thing. I just don't want the motor to overheat and blow up on me.

Could I use the Etek-R provided in the kit or will I have to omit that item, and wait until I can ebay a better motor that doesn't cost 100 bucks more?

Thanks for any advice.

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Re: My first electric vehicle modification

Also, add batteries, BMS, and charger.
A way to mount the motor and batteries.
A way to connect the motor to the drive wheel.

Keep us posted with progress pictures.
Good luck with your conversion.

Cheers, Gary
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Re: My first electric vehicle modification

Thanks for the response.

I've got a friend who is an experienced welder who said that he'd help me out for the price of a couple pepsis (he for whatever reason loves cola.). My first batteries will be cheapo, after which I'll get something with a little more juice. The meter system might start out as a meter from radio shack.

But for my purposes I should be ok with an etek-r don't you think?

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