Thundersky over charging

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Thundersky over charging

I have 20 Thundersky 60ah cells with 57 cycles on them. I use two chargers. A cheap Yang Ming on board and a balancing charger. I use the Yang Ming to charge up to about 80% because it is faster. Then finish off with balancing charger. Twice now I have over charged the cells because I forgot to go out and turn off the on board charger. (I know, I need a timer). The charger turns it's self off but if left alone will come back on and continuue charging repeating the cycle and over charging the cells. My resting viltage seems to be creaping up to around 3.4 to 3.5v. The cells seem to be OK but I am concerned. I hate to loose a cell as they are quite expensive, as we all know.I am woundering if my concerns are valid. Is there anything I can do or should do to get the resting voltage back to 3.3 where it should be?

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Re: Thundersky over charging

Resting voltages when charged between 3.4 and 3.5V is fine. A fully charged T-S cell will range somewhere between 3.65 and 4.30V. It will drop down to around 3.4 or 3.5V after sitting for a while.

What voltage is the yang ming charger set for? Something around 74V?

LiFePo4 cells can routinely charge to 3.6-3.7V. Thunder Sky, in their battery manual, says that we can expect a 2000 cycle lifespan if we keep the lowest voltage at or above 2.5V and the fully charged voltage below 4.3V.

Edit: Thunder Sky Battery Manual


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