E-Max and New X-treme XB600

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E-Max and New X-treme XB600

Hi all-

A couple of things I'd like to pass along. First, I came very close to buying the E-Max standard that the seller Idreamer has in the forum "for sell" section. Although he and I are 400 miles apart I have a friend that lives in his town. I had my friend go by and check it out for me...and he said it was exactly as Idreamer describes it. Quite frankly I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I lived nearer to there and could pick it up. It was mostly the shipping cost that discouraged me. But despite that I think it's not only well worth his asking price...but actually worth much more. And for anyone interested the seller is a nice guy and was very helpful...providing any info I requested. And, it does in fact register only 64 miles on the odometer. I'm sure it'll be a good buy for somebody!

Now, has anyone checked out the "new" XB-600 that X-treme has on their website? Looks like it's now the newest in the line of the moped/scoots they have. 600 watt motor...and even has a reverse switch. Course wonder if you'd really use that. Also, they indicate 50+ mph which has to be bogus. But, it looks sharp and I suspect from their suggested price it is going to be sold for $799...with the same free shipping as the other XB models.
Not bad I'm thinking....and the batts are 20 amp hour.


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Re: E-Max and New X-treme XB600

"50+ mph* using motor power only - faster if you also pedal"
LOL! I've got to see the guy pedaling trying to get to 55MPH. :D

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Re: E-Max and New X-treme XB600


Yeah that's got to be false. But, I've corresponded with a member here who bought the XB508 and was satisfied for the money...and that's one I was considering purchasing. But I like this new one better...and it's bound to be a bit more power than the 508.



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