Anatomy of a Silent Crisis

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Anatomy of a Silent Crisis

Here's an interesting report put together for the Global Humanitarian Forum, Geneva

It obviously draws from a lot of scientific studies but itself is a glossy report full of stories of individuals and the affects they see of climate change in their lives.

I think the thrust is that for most of us the impact of climate change is slow and rather silent. For example it's expected that by the end of this century (90 yrs from now) the place I live in today might be affected by rising sea level, depending on the amount of sea level rise and whether the SF Bay Area people are prescient enough to put up tall enough levees.

In some areas they're already seeing their homes and islands inundated by rising sea level, and the report has individual reports of several of these people.

The forum was held on June 23-24, 2009

It seems it was a precursor meeting to the Copenhagen meeting at which everybody's hopes are so high.

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Re: Anatomy of a Silent Crisis

Sadly, I think this article is much more poignant.

edit: Note that I don't agree with 100% of what the article I linked is saying.

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