New XB Style Scooter is in the works

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New XB Style Scooter is in the works

We are a dealer for John Celestian over at Parts For Scooters in Florida. This announcement just came through in a newsletter they released today:

"We've been testing a new full-size electric scooter! The President of our company and a Product Manager currently reside in China and have been thoroughly testing an electric scooter that we think you're going to like! Powerful, simple, functional design and user friendly controls offer one of the better models we've come across.

The construction of the scooter is very solid. It has nice welds, a reinforced rear swing arm and minimal plastic. We discovered this scooter at the Spring 09' Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China.

A big advantage has been having good communication with the manufacturer and their willingness to make changes based off our input.

After riding this scooter through Chinese traffic during a 30 minute commute to work everyday, we've gotten to know it very well. It accelerates very quick and smooth with no lag. No vibration or rattle after 3 months of all weather riding. Wear and rust is minimal on hardware...even after being left in the rain (Chinese acid rain, haha).

The scooter has pedals, so in most states it follows the same laws and registration as bicycles. The pedals act as foot rests since they do not spin when the scooter is moving, but can be used to activate the electric motor as an option.


Top speed: 25 mph (40km)
Range: 20 miles
System: 48 volt
Motor: 500 watt
Pictures, pricing and more specifications will be emailed to all of our dealers soon!"

As soon as I have more I will post it.

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Re: New XB Style Scooter is in the works

This describes what I already have: X-Treme XB-600 Electric Bicycle.

How will this be different?

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