Tires for SCHWINN Stealth 1000 Electric Scoote had flat, need help

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Tires for SCHWINN Stealth 1000 Electric Scoote had flat, need help

My son has been using his parts SCHWINN Stealth 1000 Electric Scooter (really Currie), for two years and this has never happened before.

His rear tires has a flat in it.

I am confused with this, as I am not sure where to go, to get it fixed and/or possibly get new improved tires.

Can someone help me? Would a Bike shop help ?

I also saw two different size descriptions on the tires. One online store said they were "12" x 3.25" Quality light electric vehicle tires". The other said Innova Low Profile Street Slick or Knobby Off-Road Tires 12 x 3.0.

The tires look knobby to me and I purchased the scooter at Sams.

Somewhere, I even saw tires that had no tube at all, that were all rubber.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

While the tires are the big issue for me, I would like to throw in one more item.
What would be a logical upgrade to the SCHWINN Stealth 1000 Electric Scooter ?

I live in Colorado Springs, elevation of about 6,200. Therefore any scooter that has less than 36 volts, doesn't seem to have enouogh
oomph to get a scooter up the usually hilly roads and paths.

SCHWINN Stealth 1000



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Re: Tires for SCHWINN Stealth 1000 Electric Scoote had ...


If you still have tread left on the tire, you may not need to replace it. Could be just a simple puncture which would require only replacing the tube, or you could have a leaking valve stem. If you replace the tube, 12 1/2 X 3.0 is the correct size. Bike shops may not have that size available, so you may need to order one online.

The Innova street tires have V-shaped tread. Knobby tires have distinct separate knobs and will wear quickly on hard pavement.

Replacing tires/tubes on these small wheels is not the easiest thing in the world, but with patience and persistence and care, you should be okay. You will need to find the cause of the flat first. You can find the exact spot its leaking by inflating the tube and holding it under water to look for bubbles.

I live in Lakewood, Co, and have had my Stealth since May 2007, also from Sams, and it came with the v-tread Innova tires. There are not may choices available in that size. If you want to talk on the phone, you could send me your number in a private message here and I can talk you through the whole process.

For more power, you have limited choices. I'd suggest adding a 4th battery to increase to 48 volts. You may also need to replace the controller with one that can handle the additional voltage, although some people have made the 36V controller work.

Hope this helps.


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