xb600 battery connections question

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xb600 battery connections question

Just wondering about something....other xb600 owners might know.

Recently I had to replace a broken key switch on my xb600 and since I was working on something on the scoot decided to go ahead and check the battery connections and make sure they were tight. Recalled someone else saying often they found them loose...and since I've had my scoot for a couple of years now and never even opened the battery box...thought I would. Sure enough a few of the screws holding the cables to the batts were a bit loose...not real loose...but needed to be tightened. Course when I went to tighten a couple of them stripped. I replaced them with a couple of screws I had...that were a bit longer so I had to use a washer for spacers. The replaced screws worked fine but sat just a bit higher up but not enough to get in the way of the cover. I also noticed every cable end had a black rubber insulator that obviously was intended to go over the cable connection. But every single one was slid back on the cable and not sitting covering the connections. Don't know why they would have put these on anyway since the box is plastic...but nonetheless I slid them forward as best I could over the connection. They don't fit well over the connections either. But anyway, when I put the lid back on the box it doesn't seem to fit as flat on it as it did before. I'm wondering if they had those black boots slid back and out of the way to let the top sit flatter on the battery box? The replaced screws aren't holding the top higher...so it has to be those boots. Has anyone experienced this? It's no big deal the top still sits fairly flat on the box and basically smooth with the scooter when installed but with a slight rise in the middle. So I just wondered...

Also, just a note here on something entirely different I just noticed today surfing around on the net and looking electric scoot stuff. I notice SEARS online store now sells all the XB scoots from xtreme...or most of them including the xb600! Wow that's a good sign that maybe "electrics" are making it to the mainstream here in the USA!


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Re: xb600 battery connections question

I noticed the same thing when I first opened my battery box. Although I didn't strip any of the screws, they are so soft that it would not be hard to do. The rubber boots I believe are for batteries that have NB connectors (nut/bolt}. The batteries supplied with the pack are F12 connectors and really dont need or lend themselves well to having covers. The wire harness is probably just a carry over from other models with the boots already on the wires. so I really didn't worry about them.
As for the cover not fitting real flat, I found the little plastic fingers on the cover for aligning the cover to the box were bent and not allowing the cover to sit quite right. forcing the cover down only bends them more, and I ended up cutting a few off to get it to sit back down flat.
Hope that helps, also after opening and closing a few times the screws that hold the cover on stripped the plastic out of the lid on a few points so I would not try to over tighten them.

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Re: xb600 battery connections question

Yes, the boots are for the conventional 17AH batteries in this package size. They aren't really needed with the 20AH batteries. Next time you have the battery box open, you might also look at the crimps to confirm a clean contact.

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