Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?

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Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?

I'm a recumbent rider with a brand new PL350. I ride with short cranks and a relatively high cadence. As delivered the system required more pedal pressure to engage than my knees could handle comfortably.

I found that boosting 0007 made an enormous difference, but I'm quite unclear on the meaning of the 0008 code. My dealer told him that Bionx increasing both of them, but I'd be a lot more comfortable if I understood what code 0008 did better.

As is, I find the bike very responsive with 0007 set at 3.0 to 3.5 -- perhaps too much so at the low end when starting from a stop or a near stop. I'm not aiming to do stunts, just speed my commute while reducing the sweat factor in summer. A modest augmentation of what I'm doing with the pedals will do -- I don't want to compromise range too much but would like it to be easier to get a moderate level support. (It would also be nice if the console 1-2-3-4 level settings still meant something when I was done.)

I've read the cheat sheets on line, but thanks in advance to anyone who can help me understand settings that might work better for me -- especially for 0008.


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Re: Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?

CJR, did you get an answer to your question about the 0008 code? This code will allow the system to add more assistance per your peddle effort. (kind of like being in A1 but getting maybe 40 or 45% instead of 35% assistance and so on right up thru the A levels.) The default is 1 and I have increased mine to 1.5. This totally eleiminated any dead spots and gives me just a bit more help per peddle effort for my weight.(218 lbs). I went up over 2 but it just dug into my battery (36 V NiMH) faster than I wanted. Don't know what you would use on a recumbent but I am sure you can find a proper level to please you. Changing the 0007 and 0008 codes did not seem to have any effect on my A levels 1 2 3 4 and I regularly got 35 to 45 miles per charge over the last 3 weeks in Florida on paved, fairly level, Rails to Trails bike paths using level 1 or 2 mostly. I logged just over 300 miles in @ 2 and 1/2 weeks on 5 separate trails and I am chomping at the bit to get back down there after x-mas to stay until April and do lots lots more.

Good Luck, JDJ

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Re: Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?

You might want to check out the BIONX Console Codes.

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Re: Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?

love to but dead link

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Re: Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?

there is a guide to (hacking) the BionX console here...

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Re: Bionx codes 0007 and 0008?


Thanks the information about the 0008 code. It has totally made my commute a blasts... At any rate, after I had set the 0008 code and 10% flashed on the screen. What does this mean? Is this the percentage of assistance??? Thanks!

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