xb-700li 1 year later

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xb-700li 1 year later

Well it's been a little over a year since I bought the XB-700Li and I'm happy to say I've had no problems with it. I logged about 2500 miles on it and it still rides well. The only problem I've had is the rear view mirrors don't hold up, anybody know where to get replacements?
Oh, and I need a new head light bulb, any sources out there for a 56v 18 watt bulb?
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Re: xb-700li 1 year later

I've got the XB600, and the mirrors are also not stiff enough. I was able to stiffen them, and the next time I'm haunting my scoot with a camera I'll document it.

About the bulb, my first thought would be to add a DC-DC converter to get the lighting circuit back to 12V.

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Re: xb-700li 1 year later

I'm happy to hear you've had a good experience with the bike.

It occurred to me that several of y'all now have many months experience with LiFePO4 packs w/o BMS and might have some experience to share. I started a separate thread: LiFePO4 bikes w/o BMS... what experience do we have?

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