Vectrix Owners from Paris

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Vectrix Owners from Paris

Does anyone on the forum from Paris own a red Vectrix...and charge it by dropping an extension cord from their window? My daughter was visiting friends in Paris (we live in the US) and she saw your bike!

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Re: Vectrix Owners from Paris

i have seen a picture of that on this forum somewhere.........can't remember which page though.

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Re: Vectrix Owners from Paris

Yeah.. I started this post: how do you recharge your vectrix?.. Now It's too messy to find it where it is.. I believe this forum needs some subcategories. I wanted to sort out some of them, but never had spare time to classify the posts...

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Re: Vectrix Owners from Paris

The french Vectrix owners group is hosted on
We had a meeting in December with the new importer located in the Netherlands. They are responsible for France and the Benelux regions. I think Vectrix Europe is starting from there because the European HQ for GP batteries is located in Asten, Netherlands. Parts and scoots are shipping in France and the dealer network in slowing getting back to business and getting service training.


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