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I am trying to weatherproof a motor for use outside and I've heard of a liquid epoxy that can be applied to the stator and entire inside. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?

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Re: Weatherproofing

I have used Devcon in the past, but can't find the reference. I used it on an 55amp alternator that we pulled 80amps out of. It took @ 8 hours to cool down after the test and the insulation did not fail.

Here is another similar product to the one I used;

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Re: Weatherproofing

I just got done rebuilding a rear hub, and used silicone, they used it for the tiles on the space shuttle, and to seal out bathtubs! Your average silicone caulking is good to around 300c with high tech versions good to 600c+ ! I used true 600c trated glass sleeving for the connections, but injected silicone into the tubes to seal the joints from moisture, should any get in my nice water tight unit.


PS - Those are 6 phase wires, Silver clad copper stranding, teflon insulation, hall wires too. All good to 200c and the phase will flow 600 volts at 15 amps. This hub is ready for Delta/Wye switching, relays outside the hub.

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