Looking for a motor .. then will look at the battery pack

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Re: Looking for a motor .. then will look at the battery pack

I am driving a 70 VW beetle converted with a Impulse 9 motor and Li-ion batteries using 117vdc and can tell you this thing goes too fast. Using 2nd gear from 0 to 60mph workd well. To reduce the noise level I will sometimes use 3rd gear above 45mph. Range under favorable conditions is well over 50 miles, maybe 100 max. The car has been completly restored including 4 wheel disks with emergency brake. I am in Livermore if you are ever in the area.

"Too fast" could be very good ;) ... I have this vision of reconverting this car so it becomes fabulous. Right now it's kinda dull due to the speed ... I do live in Mtn View and that's probably close enough to easily be "in the area".

Coincidentally I talked with a gent last night who has an old VW Bus using one of these motors. His impulse9 has a shaft out the rear of the motor unlike mine. Anyway they used flooded lead acid rather than li-ion, they get up to 65 miles/hr which they attributed to having the aerodynamics of a brick. They like it though.

One question I've been having is whether to support the motor beyond the adapter plate that bolts it to the transmission. The motor on this VW Bus was not supported, instead was hanging in mid-air. He suggested that the question to consider is whether the impulse9 weighs less than the stock VW engine. If the impulse9 weighs less than an VW engine then it won't be any issue to have it hanging unsupported. That sounds a bit right except there are some physics equations about levers, the impulse9 motor is longer than a VW engine (me thinks) hence might put more downward force on the transmission than the VW engine. Or maybe not...

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