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Re: Which bike is best

I also live in the Foothills above Sacramento and it is VERY hilly. I find that many who post about electric bikes seem to live in flatter areas or do not travel very far. I needed a bike that could go at least 20 mi. in very hilly terrain. I went with the ez-1 recumbent with an e-4 mid drive kit. The kit works through the bikes own gearing and it climbs hills quite well. You can get the bike with the kit for about 1600 bucks. Note that this is a recumbent bike. If I had lot's of money available I would go with the Ecospeed drive. They are very nice but much more money. As far as batteries go. I have one from Ping and I have been happy with it. Using my bike with a 24v 20ah battery I have been able to get about 28 mi. on a charge with normal pedaling and about 1500 feet of elevation gain. You can see bikes like this at this website: http://verycoolbikes.vpweb.com/ Hope it was helpful.

Dave Signartist

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Re: Which bike is best

I felt that I should refresh this old thread, because importance of the title of this thread.
" which ebike is the best" will always be VERY important quaestion.
Obviously the best doesn`t mean cheap, that is obvious.
For those who read this thread, there was entry by engineer from E+ , he is also engineer well respected who was on Tidal Force design team.
I can only speak for TForce and for sure legendary TF was legendary for a reason: durability and efficiency.
EXCEPT obsolete NMH battery in front wheel and infamous front data connector.
There was simply no other battery technology available at that time.
After replacing factory batt with LiFePo bike is rock solid.
Beauty of TF is that after installing simply jumper in dashboard bike accepts any 36V-41V battery.
E+ ebike as far as I know and I am really on the subject will NOT accept third party battery,
dash is re-disigned.

Under pressure from users and future owners like me EMS /manufacturer of E+/ promised to design so called UBC -Universal Batt Connector for every E+ bike so after original Factory pack is dead you could connect any 36V nominal pack.
Treasure of E+/TForce is motor/controller no doubt the best in the world.
They claim and it has been confirmed by owners E+ has improved efficiency by at least 15%, you can read about it on E+ web site forum which is fantastic.
Precision of CNC solid machined motor center hub, AWG 10 wires/no tiny AWG14 like on Chinese hubs/,double-wall Japannese bearings, real dust/water seal , rock solid thick cicuit boards and most of all US manufaturing environment , patented electronics make this motor/controller the best hands down.
After 10 000km I opened motor/contr. - no speck of rust inside, try this with Chinese hub.


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Supercapacitor used in Bike for taillight

JinZhou Kam Power co., Ltd (called Kam) is a leading &biggest manufacturer and exporter of super capacitor (also called ultracapacitor, farad capacitor, gold capacitor and electric double layer capacitor, EDLC) in China.
KAM Super capacitors have some performance :
1.Small-size,large capacity,excellent voltage holding.
2,Unlike battery,unlimited charge/discharge cycle.
3.Wider temperture range.
4.Ideal for backing up of CMO's.microcomputers,RAM's and the like used in VCR's tuners,TV sets,telephone setsand other.
5.Serial structure,two cell with same characteristics.
6.Low ESR,high energy density.
7.The capacity range is from 0.1F-3000F,and the operating voltage of capacitors range from 2.5V-5.5V.

If you are interested in ,pls contact me .
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ultracapacitor/super capacitor/gold capacitor manufacturer

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Re: Which bike is best

hi Barbara, just turned 60 last June 4, my name is Paul and i ride a TREK 4900 Bike (no Electric Mot or yet)but planning to order a front mount 750W motor soon. I suggest you check out this site :


I know it's a little over your budget but these are beautiful/sturdy,last you a lifetime Bikes ,and don't forget , YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR . Hope you find what you need . Paul

if it ain't Broke, don't Fix it..

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Re: Which bike is best

here's another link to the main page of TREK Ride+ Electric Assist Bikes ..


Take your pick Barbara.. Let us know which one you decided on ok? Cheers ! Paul

if it ain't Broke, don't Fix it..


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