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I found this interesting so, if anyone would like to they can either move this posting somewhere else, leave it or remove it.

I found this information in a Toyota magazine.........

Difference between AGM and flooded lead acid batteries:

" AGM batteries feature thin, sponge-like glass mat separators that absorb all liquid electrolytes,

Flooded lead acid batteries feature free liquid electrolyte all around the plates and separators.

Flood lead acid batteries can easily release gas that is formed during a charge, while AGM battery life is diminished if gas is formed during charging.

Both types share the exact same lead acid chemistry.
Both share the same charge and discharge principles.
Both are safely charged by vehicle charging systems.
When discharged, both can be recharged at high current levels.

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And most AGM's have a nice feature that make hydrogen gas turn back into water,therefore it doesn't have be watered.


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