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Extreme Survey

Greg ("Greg GreenMax Dist" - aka X-Treme Scooters) sent me this in an email. Why doesn't he ask all his rightfully upset [ex]customers on the Struggleville Blog, instead?

Survey: If you could improve something at X-Treme Scooters, what would it be? Be specific. We will review your answers / suggestions and make improvements based upon them.


So many ideas... so little time! Apparently they haven't been listening all these years.


  1. How about visually inspecting your crap before sending crap to customers? That means to actually look to see why the box with the XM2000 "looks like it was hit by a freight train", BEFORE trying to send it.
  2. How about not blaming every single damage report on DHL, FedEx, UPS and/or R&L? If those companies actually had that many problems, they would all be out of business.
  3. How about not closing and deleting my customer service tickets without solving them?
  4. How about not going behind dealers' backs and selling directly to customers?
  5. How about having employees who know the difference between an X-600 and an XB-600 when sending parts?
  6. How about not sending broken/used replacement parts?
  7. How about stocking parts (like light bulbs) so my customers don't have to wait for 3 months.
  8. How about answering your dealer hotline. Or actually returning calls?
  9. How about not hiding behind several different websites pretending to be dropshippers/affiliates?
  10. How about removing the smoke & mirrors and man-up to angered customers?
  11. How about hiring a competent webmaster who knows what they're doing?
  12. How about contacting me in person, instead of having your POS attorney try to remove my website (including 700+ others) by sending a fraudulent "copyright infringement" letter to my host's host?
  13. How about you stop telling people you're going to sue me for defamation of character (when your company has none) and slander (when you did all this to yourself and there are so many reports from others), before I have MY attorney get Medieval on you and your legal counselor?

What say ye?

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Re: Extreme Survey

When I was searching through the forums and the web in general for electric assisted bikes, I thought those XB-700's were pretty nice looking, and thought i wanted one. After hearing of the battery issues they had, I decided to keep looking, and got burned by another vendor that imported Changzhou New-District Benshen Bicycle Co.'s BS-WH600. I'd love to say the thing is great, and would probably convince myself to if I hadnt had to keep the thing parked for lack of safe/legal pedals. I am now having to fabricate a complete crankset spindle as the original one cannot retain the pedals. I really wish these were the exceptions to the products rather than the apparent mainstream quality/customer service. Honestly, many of these things shouldnt legally be sold as they cant pass CPSC standards for bicycles, let alone motorized ones. What is sad is the only "green" these types seem to care about is the stuff they take from people's pockets while pushing their junk as "environmentally friendly, and no license"

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Re: Extreme Survey

Honestly, many of these things shouldnt legally be sold as they cant pass CPSC standards for bicycles, let alone motorized ones.

This could be a key to the X-treme saga as well as other horror stories of stuff imported from overseas.

A natural and positive role for government is enforcement of business and product quality standards. In grade school they had us read this story about the meat packing houses over 100 yrs ago, that story was powerful enough to launch the political movement that created the Food and Drug Administration. But after a few decades of eroding product quality enforcement agencies - in the name of easing restrictions on business - the agencies are undermanned and overwhelmed.

Ideally a given country would establish product standards and any product a company attempted to import or otherwise sell to that country would be met by rigorous checking and enforcement.

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