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Font Size for all platforms

I am not a fan of AOL, America Off Line but they had on their news about font size. I tend to use Linux and the PLUS sign doesn't always work but ctrl and the +/= sign makes for larger print.

You can change the font size on almost all browsers using either of these easy methods, both of which are ideal for quickly changing it and then switching back to the default size:

1. Press the Ctrl key and at the same time press the = key (that is, the + key). Keep clicking the = key until it's the right size for you. To decrease the font size, press the Ctrl key and at the same time press the - key. Keep pressing the - key until it's the right size for you.

2. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, press down the Ctrl key and use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease font size.

And after you have made the type bigger and smaller and bigger again, you can go back to the default setting with one easy move: Press the Ctrl key and at the same time press the 0 (the number zero) key.

Here are other ways to adjust the font size, depending on which browser you're using:

Internet Explorer
Click on View, select Text Size and choose from smallest, smaller, medium, larger or largest. Medium is the installed default.

There is more on the World Wide Web about increasing font size and making print larger in general on ones computer. David is the Moderator of V has a plus minus for making V print larger but he also is new reporter for Boston and other cities and I couldn't read a lot of his material unless I cut and pasted it in email and made it larger. Now it is so easy.

I couldn't find a place to post on V so I used general information.

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Re: Font Size for all platforms

I installed the text size widget on this site because not everybody knows about this trick.

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Re: Font Size for all platforms

holding Ctrl while rolling the mouse wheel in both internet explorer and firefox works

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