Help: my electric scooter will not run!!!

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Help: my electric scooter will not run!!!

Hello.Well, my problem is the next: I disarmed the scooter why doesn't turn on. (led off and no sound.). Okey, i found a loose wire coming from switch. I connect this in the positive wire coming from of motor and the scooter is turn on. BUT the power led is orange and makes a infinity beep (sound). I try to accelerate and nothing happens.
safe wire incorrectly connected?
battery is dead?
fuse is dead?

i recently reemplace charger 24v dc . But the scooter has been stored for a long time :s
Thanks for Help and Sorry for my bad english.

paint diagram:

voltmeter test 1

voltmeter test 2



charger specifications

general view

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Re: Help: my electric scooter will not run!!!

I do not understand the problem.

Check these things:

1) Battery voltage: Is there correct voltage? Are all the battery cells the same voltage?

Looks like your batteries are both deeply discharged at 9.8 and 10.0V!

That means you need to charge them. Maybe the charger is broken.

2) Fuses: Are all fuses intact?

3) Cable connection of the loose cable: Where did it come from? Where was it connected before?

What kind of scooter is it?

What kind of battery?

What kind of motor and motor controller?

Good luck!

This information may be used entirely at your own risk.

There is always a way if there is no other way!

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Re: Help: my electric scooter will not run!!!

Did you know what type of battery you used for your electric scooter?You can check whether the battery voltage and capacity,also the burst current can match your scooter or not.If the burst current of the battery pack is too low,then it can't start the scooter successfully.If the battery was broken,you need to replace one for it.We speciazed in designing and manufacturing match battery/power solution for electric scooter/bike/car/wheelchair,etc..We had customers used lead-acid battery for their scooter and the cycle life of lead-acid battery was not good and need to replace battery frequently.But now we had more and more customers asked us to design and manufacture long cycle life battery--LiFePO4 battery pack 12V/24V/36V/48V with plastic case to use on their electric scooter/bike/car/golfcarf/wheelchair.Welcome you surf our website to learn more about us and our high quality greenpower solutions for electric vehicles @ , if you had any questions related battery for electric vehicles,pls feel free to contact us.

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Re: Help: my electric scooter will not run!!!

Imediately after fully charging, your batteries should read around 14 volts each! If they do not reach at least 13.5 volts each, you need new batteries! Leaving lead-acid type batteries discharged for a long time destroys them by sulfation, resulting in permanently reduced voltage and capacity. The batteries should be nearly identical in age, voltage, capacity, and performance for good range. Do not use mismatchefd batteries!-Bob

Robert M. Curry

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