XM-3100 value?

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XM-3100 value?

I have a couple of black scooters and with the economy the way it is,I can't afford fixing them every day. I replaced speedometer assembly, DC-DC a couple of time, controllers in each of them, and seat now broke. I realize the individual pieces are worth more than the whole bike. I figure a XM-3100 worth is under a grand but the motor and controller is that much. With the weather being so now I couldn't wait for a full charge using the Yellow 3 amp charger so I splurged on a HWC1B charger and nice. ALL my Xtreme scooter chargers bit the dust. So the best charger for the money is TNC scooters but 10 to 15 amp charger is better.
I am going to NESEA Saturday in Amherst MA and see what the feelings are for EV bikes. I think I am going to end up chopping them up and I hate to do that.

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Bike security + what hasn't broken on a XM-3100?

What parts have you not experienced failure for the XM-3100? :) The 3000 watt hub motor, brakes, lights, frame, panels, tires? I had the same experience with the factory-included 60V 5A charger: dead on arrival or dead shortly after. I would hate to have the main controller die, and hoping that it would be interchangeable with a non-X-treme controller.

Waterproofing wasn't provided for the 60V-12V DC converter, and I would not trust the controller's waterproofing either. I put the DC converter in a plastic bag and have avoided using the electric scooter in any wet weather conditions, simply because roads are much more dangerous when wet with a 2-wheeled vehicle. :)

I tried looking for security options a year ago. It looks like things are improving. I would love GPS tracking hidden away somewhere. Defense should also be in layers. Given that electric vehicles still have a lot of investment in motor, controller, and batteries; a percentage should be used to deter theft.

http://www.bikebone.com/ - random site when looking for Vespa scooter security.

XM-3100 - History
* 60V charger dead on arrival, 2 months for new replacement. That replacement died in 2-3 weeks.
* 60V charger purchased as backup ($50) from http://tncscooters.com/product.php?sku=101156 It has specific instructions for plugging a

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Re: XM-3100 value?

I had problems on all aspects of XM-3100. The DC-DC, motor, controller, batteries, speedometer, and after I got it all fixed, guess what? Yup! Well I had one more XM-3100 and I fixed it up and sold it to a friend in NH. I had to guarantee it to work and again replaced most of the parts including three chargers. The only good thing I put on a diode block to use spare chargers to charge the bike if charger smokes again. Also with Anderson, microphone jack, and IEC connectors to use any charger of the 60 volt style. I did get a good buy on them so I wasn't too mad. Now My first XM-3000 I am using for parts for my other bikes along with $100.00 speed controllers I got from eBay. All what is left is frame and seat and front fork assembly. The only thing good on it was five batteries. Controller and DC were the first to go on it. It is so hard getting to anything on the eXtreme scooters to continuously fix them.
In Massachusetts they don't meet the DOT rules here so I could not license any of them. I went to RMV and they rode the scooters and it has to do 30 MPH to be a Moped. It says in AD it can do 43 MPH? That is why I got the XM-3100 but by then I had so much problems I gave up. And that is when I got hit with the BIGGIE. Some one cut a steel bicycle cable and tie down straps on my truck and got a new XM-3100. After replacing speedometer, DC-DC, controller, and one battery I got a phone call from my neighbor on 25 May 2010 saying my straps are all over the ground and no bike on truck. So I called the cops and it wasn't licensed so it wasn't insured and all he could do was take a report. I have been riding my XM-3000 and EVT for three years without getting stopped too many times. If I got stopped it was to inquire about don't I need plates? I just blew a battery Monday on my XM-3000. So I found out I used a bolt too long for a trunk or tour pack I got on eBay. I used to know how to make a small BMP or JPEG but forgot how so if you want to see a PIX just send me an E-mail and I can insert it in mail. I do like the 38 AH batteries on XM-3000 and XM-3100 though. They charge in under two hours using a KP6015C charger. I lost the first one for it was in bike that got ripped off and liked it so much I said what the heck just get another one. Now I only keep it in house not on truck. So in answer to your question I have NO more XM-3100's and I gave up on them even though it looks likes my favorite scoot the Vespa. My new MCO just arrived from New Bedford today for my VX-1 just now. Almost two years to get it right and Wow I finally got it. So off to the registry to title it. That by far is a nice scooter, the massive VX-1!!!

One of the XM-3100's had a strange vibration in it driving straight. The other one drove smoothly So I didn't mention that problem since it is something I could not figure out why. Axle fork was tight, motor was tight fork turning was tight, so again one of the two scoots had a front vibration or wobble but I don't have them any more. Electric problems I might get down in time but not mechanical stuff. Also I found out a lot of the parts of R-30 fit they XM series like trunk mount and rear body panels. I should of bought just five of the XM-3000's from eXtreme and got dealer discount.


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