Gelato VIN number location existence?

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Gelato VIN number location existence?

Does the Gelato series of electric mopeds have a VIN number ? -
Does anyone know where it might be located. ?

I have searched all over the bike and frame and can find no VIN.

I know the electric motor on the rear wheel has a number stamped
on it. - But it is not a VIN number.

Thanks !


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Re: Gelato VIN number location existence?

Hi, Gary
I've looked all over my Gelato, BellaGela, too, and can't find anything.
My husband is going to the courthouse tomorrow in our home state to register BellaGela. It should be interesting without a ViN number.

If you have luck with this, please do add to your topic? I'd like to know of it as well. :)

In an effort to identify her, I wonder about burning in a number specific to us. At least it would be a method of identification if stolen.

BTW, what is the color of your Gelato? Name? Blog?

Here's a photo of mine...before the dive she took today! I'll be seeking some silver paint! :)

Are there any other Gelato owners here?


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