How do I change the rear tire

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How do I change the rear tire

So uncovering the Zap in the cellar left me with a complete rear flat, as I removed the wheel off the bike I am left with the wiring that goes into the rim. Do I want to just pry the wheel off with the wires attached or is there something I am missing here?

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Re: How do I change the rear tire

yup, disconect the wires at the controller or wherever the connection is (leave harness attached to wheel hub). BUT removing the tire from the wheel is more than just 'prying it off'. Esentially you remove the vavle stem center to let all the air out. Have to break the bead with something (I use a large C clamp). Then lever the tire off the rim with tire irons, and put a new one on without tearing up your new tire or rims (you can get some plastic insert deals (rim savers) that help prevent scratching/gouging rims. Definatly some tricks and skills to do it effectivly.

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