350 SL XL 48V Review

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350 SL XL 48V Review

Just recieved my new 48V Limited Edition Bionx kit after 6 mo of waiting. First impressions is it was well worth the wait. Performance is great and makes riding a bike again a pleasure since hills are no longer a issue. I have ridden it 3 times on some bike trails that have some hills I used to dread. I have ridden in assistance 3 and 4 on the hills and back to assistance 2 and after 19 miles only used 1/4 of the battery power. The nkit is installed on a Trek 7500 with race x lite front wheel, 700 x 23 front tire michlin krylon and I put a Continental ultra gator skin on Bionx rim 700 x 28. I weigh 208 so not a light weight, I have bad OA in my knees and wanted to still be able to keep riding and keeping with the pack. If all goes right I should be able to get at least 60 miles of assistance from this kit. So if anyone is thinking about the 48V systen for the extra 200.00 I would say it was well worth the wait. My kit was purchased from Joe at Velolectric out here in Santa Clara ,Calif.

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Re: 350 SL XL 48V Review

Keep an eye on your spokes ... check at the end of every day for loose spokes. It only takes a second and avoids maintenance headaches.

My wife and I both have the 40V 350W Bionx's and both had loose spokes after a few rides. No problem since I brought mine in for the retensioning as suggested in the manual after 300km.

I have a bad knee too that the hills seemed to aggrevate. It is great just melting away the hills now.

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