Badsey "zippy" throttle controller

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Badsey "zippy" throttle controller

My Badsey has a unique throttle assembly which is kinda scary. must be one of the first scooters they made. Can
someone please tell me if i can put a new controller on this thing before i get some serious road rash!badsey.JPGbadsey.JPG

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Re: Badsey "zippy" throttle controller

Well, it certainly looks, uh, *robust*, in a 1955 kind of way. I assume that the arm passes over the big contact patches to select one of four resistances...? Looks like you could run a golf cart with it, but yes, it's kind of "in the way" in that location!

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Re: Badsey "zippy" throttle controller

Hi: I'm a Badsey owner. Any others around? Thanks.

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