XM-3000 Throttle

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XM-3000 Throttle

Hi all, I just bought an XM-3000. It has an issue with the Hi/Lo speed switch on the throttle. I ordered a new throttle, only to be informed that they are on back order. I am afraid that it may quit entirely and leave me walking. It will always work on "Lo" but takes fits of not doing anything at all in "Hi" unless you fiddle with it.

I have tried in vain to find or get a service manual for this machine and have been unable to find anything at all (of any real use). The point is, I need a new throttle...I have no need for "LO" speed...the direct question is what type of throttle do I need....is it a potentiometer type (0-5k) or a Hall effect type??

It would be really handy if someone could tell me to order a brand XXX, model XXX and possibly a reliable supplier.

I know (at this point almost nothing about the control system for this machine), but will get up to speed on it.

To this point, I have gone over it carefully, replaced one of the batteries, installed a gang charger system replaced the rear master cylinder and the DC/DC converter. I have put about 100 miles on it. (use it as a commuter) and REALLY like the EV thing. It is quite different from any of my IC motorcycles.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any help. And thanks for the resources that have helped me to this point.

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Re: XM-3000 Throttle

I have one of these scooters. It's a simple three wire switch, I expect. Access the wires a short distance from the handlebars, and note the colors. Then you should be able to ask the manufacturer (someone here may also know) which wires are for the Low & High throttle outputs and which is the common wire, and just splice the High wire to the common wire. Low can be handy, though*, so if it were me I'd bypass the throttle-mounted switch and install a two-way toggle or rocker switch on the dash to replace the bad one.

* It isn't made clear in the manual, and it may even be warned against, but you can "shift" the scooter while it is moving. Just do it with the throttle off. This lets you take off smoothly in Low, use much less power when it isn't needed, and then "shift" to High when you have to go fast. I do it all the time.

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