XM-3150 Throttle

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XM-3150 Throttle

Anyone have suggestions for a replacement throttle for an X-Treme Scooters XM-3150? I have been calling X-treme scooters parts dept. for a month and they do not return my calls.

I have an XB-502 that I swapped the throttle over from but it doesn't appear to have the correct voltage? It's all good till I twist the throttle ... even the smallest bit ... there is a soft "thunk" in the wheel hub-motor and and I nothing beyond that.

Any ideas?

Also, does anyone use this forum anymore? I noticed that my last post about this bike crashing is just a few posts down the list...

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Re: XM-3150 Throttle

Hey Sparky,
Here is a throttle you can use:


Search the for "TNC throttle". You should find a long post about why this is much better than the Extreme one and it is $9.50.

I know sometimes it seems that no one checks the messages anymore. Before you buy a new throttle think what else could it be. The throttle is just a variable resistor the output from the throttle is from about 0.5 volts to 5 volts. I should have read the above thread before I started talking. That thread about the TNC throttle is very well researched and well written.

There is a funny thing about Extreme. A certain time of the year they do 'inventory' They are closed for about a month, don't answer the phone or email. There was some discussion about it last year when they closed for 'inventory' I think if you search around you could find that thread.

good luck

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