Bionx Battery Replacement

I bought a used Bionx 250W NiMH kit, the kit worked but the battery would not take much charge, 6yrs old. I have replaced the battery pack, fully charged the battery pack, but the console will not turn on. I reopened the box and there is power to the board, the fuse is good and power is getting past it. Any ideas on the possible problem?

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Solved problem by cranking the motor up to full speed on repair stand and switching on control while wheel was spinning. Your can rebuild your Bionx battery with a new battery pack saving hundreds of dollars.

I think I'll try this. Mine quit too.

Nope. Still doesn't work. These consoles are skittish.

Is there anyway to expand the range of Bionx battery capacity? Maybe some new cells by which you could replace 18650 cells?

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