Bionx 250 W vs 350

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Bionx 250 W vs 350

Hi All,
I would much appreciate any opinions/advice from Bionx 250 W or 350 W owners.
How much difference in uphill handling is there between the two versions?
My commute is short, 6 miles each way, but 400 ft elevation, mostly on the way home.
I don't mind getting all sweaty going home but at work I often need to go to another
building 1.5 mile away over a modest hill and that frequently discourages me from riding,
plus at 67 I'm not getting any younger.
I am thinking of getting the 250 WattHours Bionx kit not only because it's cheaper but
because the battery capacity is within the limits that the TSA will allow to take it on a
plane. I need to bring it to Switzerland where I currently work. My question is whether
the torque of the 250W can handle the 400 ft hike, the last couple hundred feet being
about 10% grade. I am not interested in extended range or speed. I just noice that
more and more often those climbs make me use my car more often (figure $8.50/galon
gas on top of missed excercise). I feel that with the Bionx I will use the bike much more
often and get as much exercise as I choose.
Many Thanks!

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Re: Bionx 250 W vs 350

I guess that it also depends on total LBS. of Rider,Bike and kit.the 250 is great for around town type of riding, but to climb the 350 is made for torque. You are in a situation were travel is a factor. Both of my kits are 350,at 69 they serve me well. What ever your decision there is no turning back without costing you. A good person to talk to is Paul at ebikes of new england he will steer you in the right direction. Tony

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Re: Bionx 250 W vs 350

Have you considered getting the 350 hub with the smaller battery from the 250? If range isn't an issue, I'll bet that if you do the calculations the smaller battery will work for you. It won't last as long as it would on the 250, but if you treat it right (like always recharging it as soon as you arrive at home or work) it should last as long as the larger battery would if neglected a bit. If the battery is an off-brand Chinese unit, you could try to source a high-quality battery with the same AH rating and dimensions, and buy just the 350 kit minus battery. (Or keep the battery that comes with it as a spare, if they won't sell it incomplete.) In any event, it sounds like you need the more powerful motor.

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Re: Bionx 250 W vs 350

i would say 350 is much better

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Re: Bionx 250 W vs 350

Bionx 350w has much better performance on accelerating and uphilling.
350w takes much more power with more fun :-)

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