stuck in "low power mode"

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stuck in "low power mode"

As many of us have experienced, sometimes the EVD gets in a "low power mode". The solution is just to stop and turn the bike off/on. This has always fixed this problem for me. However not any more. It is permanently stuck in this "low power mode". I replaced the batteries 8 months ago and it has worked fine up until now. That is to say, the off/on trick continued to work when it occasionally got into this mode. But now it is stuck in this mode.

What could the problem be?

Here's what I've tried so far:
- made sure the scooter was fully charged
- replaced the circuit breaker under the seat
- checked the pack voltage, which looked fine (it read 64 volts; I have the VRLA EVD which is 60 volt)

Here's what I'm thinking of trying next (in order):
- replace the throttle
- replace the hub motor


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Re: stuck in "low power mode"

Try unpluging two small black connectors dual wire but using only one same color or tinker with the speeder which is usually a three prong connector with blue, black and grey wires .Good luck.

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Re: stuck in "low power mode"

Hey Jerome:

I have nothing to add to the suggestion. Wanted to let you know that I was able to cobble up a cooling system for the controller for my EVD . Will send along a video of what I did if you PM me. jeff [at]

I updated mine to 72 volts awhile back but got into the controller project in 2010. It sat for four years! Now it's doing fine - lots of pep and reasonable range. If you find a good source for spares, let me know. I'd like to have a controller sitting around in case something goes awry.

Good luck.

EVD VRLA converted to 72V

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Re: stuck in "low power mode"

any way . low power much better higher power

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