Car cigarette lighter plug 12V 0.5A. USB charger. Can more power?

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Car cigarette lighter plug 12V 0.5A. USB charger. Can more power?

This is my first message. I take some time looking things in this forum. I have a Vectrix purchased a month ago and works well.

I put some examples of car cigarette chargers. The calculated efficiency is 80%. The actual efficiency could be lower or higher.

The output limit car cigarette lighter plug is 12V 0.5A 6W

USB charger output 5V 1A. 5W output power. Estimated input power 6,25W, 12v 0.52A. This charger slightly exceeds the maximum limit. This charger is the one I'm using.

USB charger with two outputs. 10.5W 5V 2.1A output first. Second output 5V 1A 5W. Total output of 15.5W. Estimated maximum input 19.4W, 12V 1,61A.
USB charger 5V 2.1/1A

Fast USB charger QC 3.0 with two outputs. 18W, 12V 1.5A output first. 12W, 5V 2.4A output second. 30W total output. Estimated maximum input 37.5W, 12V 3,13A.
USB charger QC 3.0 12V-1.5A 5V 2.4A

¿12V 0.5A insurance is the limit?
Is there a safe upper limit of 1 2 3 or 4 amps?
Who limits 0.5A?
Can I increase the limit to 3 or 4 amps?

I would like to use a faster USB charger.

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Re: Car cigarette lighter plug 12V 0.5A. USB charger. Can ...

If you use the site search feature, there is mention of using the fan power supplies (there are two of them) for that 12 volt port, but that's only in the case of conversions in which the fans are no longer used. Your best bet might be a standalone portable "power tank" made for recharging USB devices. I just saw a 6AH unit on sale for about $6 plus shipping...

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