2008 VX-1 still going strong

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2008 VX-1 still going strong

When I bought my blue VX-1 brand new in 2009 I was able, at 25 degrees Celsius, to achieve a 62.2 km range from a full charge down to getting the BuSULt warning. Yesterday I decided to do a similar deep discharge just to determine the pack capacity now, seven and a half years and 46,360 km later. On the same test route and at the same temperature, that original pack yielded 62.5 km! Must say, I'm impressed with the GP cells as well as the overall engineering and build quality of the bike despite the terrible management of the company.

All I've done over the years is ride and charge it regularly year round, never used an extension cord, replaced the tires twice and replaced both brake sensors after one failed not too long ago. The failure had resulted in flickering brake lights, balky charging startup and eventual quitting of the left/right handshake 'GO' sequence, but all resolved beautifully just by unplugging the dead sensors and plugging in new ones. So...three cheers for my splendid Vectrix, and I hope to get at least another seven years from her. I just bought a winter windshield, Vectrix-specific Tucano Urbano handlebar muffs and leg cover, so I'm set for a warm and comfy winter of riding!

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Re: 2008 VX-1 still going strong

HI,You must have bought the best VECTRIX with the best NMHI batterys thAT GOLD PEAKS ever made, good for you.

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Re: 2008 VX-1 still going strong

I'm not surprised.

2009 vx1 units before first bankruptcy were the best ones.
Cells were paired according to their internal resistance and other parameters.
If by luck no single cell is never over charged or over discharged, the battery NIMH will remain stable.
Your problems will start when a single cell regularly reach critical voltages. A pity there's no BMS for NIMH to protect the battery.

However, it may ve possible to add a lithium voltage monitor system to look after 3Series of niquel (1,2+1,2+1,2=3,6v). If a cell reaches 0V in a grup of 3, that voltage decrease should be detected by the cell monitor.
For instance, this board can hold up to 24S lithium, 24S*3S niquel= 72S. with a pair of this boards you can monitor the entire battery.

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